From Milan, the art of built-in home appliances.
High-end European built-in refrigerators
Brand Story

GRF is the leading brand for high-end Italian built-in refrigerators. Our range includes the Overlay series refrigerators, which are built-in panelable products, and the Traditional series, which are free-standing products with built-in features thanks to flush hinges. We offer the perfect solution for any need related to the choice of refrigerator and its placement in the home environment. Founded and managed by Maurizio Severi and his family, GRF combines Italian aesthetics with the excellence of built-in appliances. In 2019, Maurizio Severi chose Shanghai as the operational centre for the Asia-Pacific region of GRF, establishing the Sino-Italian joint venture Shanghai GRF Brand Management Co., Ltd. In 2018, GRF collaborated with designer Giancarlo Vegni to create the complete Overlay series of refrigerators, using a design language based on "rational aesthetics" to emphasize the essence of the product's functionality and practicality.

With a rational approach that embraces the concept of “less is more,” GRF combines the duo of aesthetic care and minimalism. We are dedicated to studying usage habits and designing living spaces to satisfy the most demanding customers. By focusing on adding more functionality and adaptability, we simplify our customers' habits, making them more intuitive and rational. We use the most advanced industrial production technologies, maintaining strict quality standards. Thanks to an efficient research and development process, we continue to improve the overall value of our products, offering customers an unparalleled experience.

GRF is a brand that specializes in built-in refrigerators from Milan, Italy.