From Milan, the art of built-in home appliances.
High-end European built-in refrigerators
  • Maurizio Severi
    President of GRF

    Born in Milan, Italy, in 1961. Before founding GRF, he held positions at several globally renowned home appliance companies, gaining a deep understanding of embedded home appliances. Maurizio's vision in establishing GRF was to create home appliance products with Italian soulful design.

    "As a high-end embedded refrigerator brand, our products symbolize unique home aesthetics and an exquisite lifestyle. We prioritize both the appearance and technological innovation within our products. Therefore, the ultimate aesthetic and attention to detail, along with the embedding method, are at the core essence of GRF."

  • Giancarlo Vegni
    Chief designer of GRF

    Giancarlo Vegni, GRF's Chief Designer, born in 1949, is a revered Italian industrial design master, considered a national treasure in Italy. With pivotal roles in leading design companies like Ferretti cucine and Vegni design, he has contributed to numerous globally acclaimed projects, earning prestigious awards along the way. Vegni's extensive design portfolio spans various fields, with a focus on exploring ergonomics, functionality, space, and innovation.

    His designs reflect a profound reverence for materials and the environment, emphasizing ultimate aesthetics and longevity. Vegni's creations stand the test of time, leaving an indelible mark on people's memories with their timeless appeal.